Show Diary: Opening for Jackie Kashian & my 1st Review!!

Last week I got to work with Jackie Kashian at the Comedy Bar. Jackie is a U.S. comedian who is straight up hilarious. She currently lives in LA and has been on Conan and @midnight and regularly opens for Maria Bamford.
(Warning: this blog is more interesting if you are a comedy nerd).

I had never met her before, even though we were both at the Boston Women in Comedy Festival in 2014. Back then it was my 2nd year of comedy and I was too shy/nervous to introduce myself. Festivals are a great for meeting other comics and developing passive aggressive relationships with others.

Besides being incredibly funny, she is so much fun to hang out with off stage. The night of the show we went to a Harry Potter themed bar called The Lockhart and both had non-alcoholic drink called The Shackleton!
((Warning: this blog is more interesting if you are an actual nerd).

I also got my first review from that show, courtesy of the awesome Julianna Romanyk and Exclaim magazine:


The link to the entire article is HERE

I also went to watch the Saturday night late show at Comedy Bat. Jhanelle Dennis hosted, and both Amanda Brooke Perrin and Tracy Hamilton opened for Jackie. At one point there were 6 female comics in the green room, and it is quite scary how quickly we got into the below group selfie positions. I believe this is what Beyonce was referring to when she asks us ladies to “get in formation.”


If you live in Montreal you can (and should) catch her at the Comedy Nest this weekend. Two of my real life friends are working with Jackie as well: Drew Behm is middling and Jeff Schouela is hosting! What a time to be alive (in Montreal).