“Nour Hadidi, who is quickly emerging as one of the freshest stand-ups on the local scene. Her jokes about being from Jordan, visiting Cleveland and how her physician father introduces her and her medical school graduate sister were all specific, sharp and delivered with impeccable timing.” – Now Magazine (Glenn Sumi)

“In addition to her sharply written material, Hadidi stretched beyond her nerdy persona to do some crowd work about being robbed with effortless confidence and a few quick, on-the-spot quips.” – Exclaim Magazine (Juliana Romanyk)

The coltish Nour Hadidi, who sports thick-framed glasses and comes to Toronto by way of Jordan, follows her. Her earnest, innocent energy belies a wit that slices to the bone when she gleefully threatens to reclaim all the Middle Eastern items—hummus, yoga—that give white girls a personality. “Sorry, Ashley!” she chirps. – Fashion Magazine (Briony Smith)

“There was a woman from Jordan who talked about being Muslim and was very funny named Nour Hadidi and she was hilarious” – Jackie Kashian on The Jackie and Laurie Show (Episode 11)

Nour Hadidi did some racially slanted observational material that was as funny as it was polished. Her bit about her phone autocorrecting her name to “Noir Hasidic” was clean, sharp, and performed with an engagingly calculated delivery.”Exclaim Magazine (Juliana Romanyk)

“Nour Hadidi is an impressive combo of funny, smart and sassy. Oh so sassy!”  CBC’s Marivel Taruc

“A talented, self-deprecating comic with a casual delivery style that cracked me right up” – Bloody Underrated

“Would have been a great doctor” – My Dad